Jumper is a simple 2D side scrolling game where you see how long you can last by tapping the screen to jump over the obstacles. After every 10 obstacles there is a red item you can collect by running into which gives you a extra life. Click here to go to the app store.

I created this app for a few reasons. I've been curious about trying Unity3D and building a app for iOS for a while to see what was involved in both and I have a long commute to work so I figured I could put that time to use.

Also since I work in the games industry I figured it would be a good way to explain to my son and daughter what I do at work if I involved them in building the app. They are at the age where they're playing games on PC/Console and mobile so I figure having them help me make a game would be a good way for them to understand what I do and what goes into making a game. 

The concept is based off doodles you draw in the margins of paper when you're board in school or meetings. This kept the art simple and the ideas could be pretty much anything. So the kids started coming up with ideas and making some drawings.


While they were doing that I built the game systems in Unity and then took there idea and art and adjusted where needed to make the work. After that they became the testers. 

It all went pretty well. There were some good ideas that ended up being cut because they just didn't fit or would be too much work to put in, never too young to learn about combating scope creep. Maybe they'll make it into the next app.

If you missed the link at the top click here to go to the app store.